THE CARE HOME PROJECT (Paused due to Covid- 19) 

At least 60,000 elderly people in care homes in England are living in "social isolation", according to a survey conducted by the Relatives and Residents Association (R&RA). The study also found that limited communication with family members contributed to residents’ loneliness.


Residents within care homes are often overlooked and can very easily become forgotten members of their community. These same users are also often neglected within loneliness figures and outreach support. At present there are very little resources that directly benefit residents wellbeing and continued support with loneliness within care homes even though the problem still remains at large. The perception of numerous visits from family and friends can often disguise the issue of loneliness within care homes as this fortunate social connection is often only visible for the select few. Care home support staff are often required to deliver solely on general care needs, again neglecting the personalised communicative elements of a users social existence.

AgeTrust will also train local volunteer navigators who will work alongside the care homes to provide local and accurate information about local community services and how best to support their residents wellbeing. This approach will work hand in hand with volunteers who will execute befriending on a personalised level.

To tackle the issue of helping people get the right help at the right time Agetrust has worked with voluntary providers and statutory organisations to develop and roll out a range of existing interventions. These include Navigators, Trained Befrienders and a structured service which specifically trains people in matching someone’s need to the right local service.


How to start with Befriending

Please take a look at our befriending website:


What We Are Doing

AgeTrust are doing telephone welfare mainly for those who are socially isolated in care homes.


It works by carefully assigning each user with their own telephone befriender who provides friendly conversation and companionship on a regular basis over a period of time. The call is a simple welfare check which aims to give peace of mind to loved ones.


These calls aim to encourage positive healthy friendships to develop with the same guaranteed befriender at a pre agreed time every day. 

Please take a look at our befriending website:

Visiting Service

Our befriending visiting service is done through face to face interactions on an individual volunteer basis.


The purpose of this service is to promote independence whilst increasing a users likelihood of re-entering the community independently or with volunteer support.

Our visiting service is currently at a early stage and will continue to be trialled within the Oxford and West Midlands region.

More Areas Being Added Soon

AgeTrust are training callers and volunteers in the use of active listening skills and relate this to needs of the user. The intention will be to identify the need for more support and help link their needs to local services. In this way the project will use what local information exists in terms of all-sector support services and be able to match user need to local resource.

Local organisations will benefit from increased take-up of their support services so that the right help at the right time can be given. This should result in better management and help with long term conditions, less crisis intervention for statutory organisations, and higher levels of wellbeing.

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